What We Believe

The stories of our lives are interconnected.
Our struggles, our hopes, our actions, matter.
We are all in this together.
Learning from one another, supporting one another.
We have the opportunity to change the story.
For ourselves. And for others.

Our Process

1. Identify

We identify leaders and organizations that are championing important causes, have powerful stories to tell, and tangible goals that Stories for Good can help make a reality.

2. Create

We work with the organization to capture the story in a genuine way.

  • An emotionally powerful and beautifully shot short film.
  • A written in-depth article with background information.
  • Compelling photography to support the story.

3. Impact

  • Distribute what we have created through the online publication, media partners, social media, and live events to raise awareness around the issue. Stories inspire action. It’s not the particulars of the story that we want people to remember, it’s the emotion and motivation to be an agent of change in the world that we aim to inspire.
  • Facilitate Audience Contribution directly to the featured cause.
  • Highlight Impact of the campaign through follow up stories and, when appropriate, live audiences/panels to view and discuss.


Isabelle Marantz

Isabelle founded Stories for Good after her 8-year tenure at the United Nations in Sustainable Development. She strives to connect global policies with concrete actions on the ground and is passionate about using the arts to motivate learning, deepen understanding, and promote positive change.

Michael Marantz

Michael is a director, composer, and the founder of Already Alive , a production studio that creates thought-provoking films that inspire and engage audiences. His award-winning films have raised millions of dollars for nonprofit organizations and have been seen by over 25 million people.

Noah Meisner

Noah has a diverse background in all forms of film and event production. He is the executive producer of Hardpin Media, a full service production companies that seeks to create content that inspires action. Noah is also an executive producer at Already Alive, a creative studio focusing in original content.


Stories for Good is deeply grateful to the visionary advisors who partner with us from around the globe with diverse backgrounds and extensive expertise in a broad range of current world issues who share a common desire to create positive change in the world.

Let's make impact together

We welcome collaboration with individuals and organizations interested in being part of this project and invite you to contact us with ideas, feedback, or just to say hello!

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